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    I’m on Twitch –

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    Tags: Benefits, Children, Income Support., United Kingdom, Universal Credit   

    Universal Credit 

    I joined Universal Credit August 2018, After my partner moved in

    I was advised by the Job Centre that due to my pregnancy and me having a child under 3 it would be more efficient to have me stay on Income Support and just change my claim from single persons to couple.

    After a 20 minute phone conversation with income support I was told regardless to my advice already provided I have to be a part of Universal Credit. (My partner was made redundant around May 2018) He was fit for work so they couldn’t see a problem him applying…

    Well that’s where they haven’t actually taken a minute to consider how my partner feels… He left school and secured a job position almost immediately, he worked hard everyday and worked at this business for almost 6 years until they went bankrupt and he was let go with less than a months notice and a 4 month pregnant girlfriend to provide for, not to mention his child from a previous relationship which requires fed and watered 3 times a week and £0 to do it on. Obviously providing so many years of dedication to one thing is an incredible thing to do, but then to have that snatched away so suddenly would make anybody nervous to find another position… Nonetheless he was expected to find work immediately.

    My partner has been actively looking for work for quite a while now and it’s just becoming too much. There’s no job applications for people who have a lot of actual experience and just for people who have wasted years, money and resources on University and don’t have as much real life experience.

    They then told us that seeing as we are switching benefits (Me already being on bemefits) it requires reapplying for the benefit which takes upto 8 weeks.

    Now I’m no stranger to the “8 week” wait. When I seperated and became a single parent I had an “8 week” wait to transfer benefits which resulted in 14 weeks without a single penny and I had to email Sharon Hodgeson for advice as I was clueless who to ask for help. I had made multiple phonecalls and was just advised to wait it out. It resulted in complaints and almost like a penalty of 6 weeks added per complaint. I was desperate for money and I had no help from anyone. It got me in some serious situations. I wasnt going to let that happen again this time. This time I needed security though the switch over.

    I was advised to take the “Early Payment

    The early payment is a LOAN which you are given an avarage amount you can have as a one time same day payment, on the condition you pay back either £90 or £75 per payment… depending if you want the payment to be over a longer period of time or not. I was offered £800. Now as much as that sounds for a Loan, this is a loan to pay Rent, Council tax, Gas, Electric, Internet, Food, TV License (Which I paid at the time) and all the other essencials. For a family of 4 thats not enough for a month… Nevermind the 3/4 Days per week we had his child (Who lives with her mother so we don’t get any help for at all)

    Of course I had to take the loan… Not taking it is basically suicide. But worse because my kids are affected. I’m now almost 8 month through paying this stupid thing back and every month I begrudge it. The money isn’t enough in full to live on, nevermind money getting taken off for any reason possible.

    I have deductions on my account because I care for my Grandad and I have to use the £60 given in carers allowance in bus fair every month… Yet they’ve deducted £64 per month.

    They’ve deducted my budgiting loan which is my own fault.

    And this extra £75…

    I just know if we happen to hit the lottery and get a job it’s going to damage us more. The lowest paying job is all my partner is guaranteed which doesn’t cover the cost of living, nevermind the debts we are now required to pay back…

    If you happen to find yourself floating in money or just can’t seem to find what to spend it on feel free to throw it my way. I’ve tried every way possible of making extra money because it’s a constant need and it just appears like my situation is never going to change. I’m always going to be on the poverty line with my kids, it just sucks.


    He had an interview pretty early on getting on this benefit. He applied online for a job with a minimum wage plus possible privillages and perks in the job. Once he actually got the interview they explained there was no minimum wage and he had to sell in order to earn a percentage of whatever they signed up to… So a job purely on commition… My partner was excited to have walked straight back into work so fast and wanted to say yes but that would mean us possibly going the odd week without money… WHICH IS CRAZY?! We have small mouths to feed… We can’t live in dream world of best scenarios, We have to be realisitic in thinking 1 week without a sale is a week of wasted time and no money.

  • MothersBlog 5:14 pm on 26th April 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Cakes, Old School Cake, Old School Cake Recipe, Recipe, School Cake, School cake Recipe, Traditional School Cake.   

    OLD School Cakes 

    So today has been a rainy day… Not much to do, housework is finished and the kids are relaxing… One hour till bedtime and I can make one of my delicious school cakes with the love of my life.

    If you want to make an Old School Sponge Cake heres the recipe:

    You will need:

    200g Butter

    200g Self Raising Flour

    175g Caster Sugar

    3 eggs

    Icing Sugar

    1-2 Tablespoon(s) Water


    1. Start by mixing the butter and sugar until creamy, then grease your baking tray (Ideally Rectangle) and mix in the flour and eggs.
    2. Pre Heat your oven to 170°c
    3. Place your smooth cake mix in the tray and bake for around 20-30 minutes until golden brown.


    When you get your cake out put a skewer through the middle and if it comes out clean the cake is ready, if not it needs a little longer.

    You can also lightly press the top of the cake and if it bounces back up its ready!

    I hope you enjoy your cakes!

    Any feedback would be great 🙂

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    Tags: Life, The Meaning.   

    I need a better understanding of life. 

    Do you ever ponder this, and think… what is the meaning of life?
    Is it success?
    Is it to reproduce?
    To get a Job?
    To have a big house?
    Lots of money?

    Well I have no idea…

  • MothersBlog 4:07 pm on 26th April 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Blog, Education, Family., First Time, Hobby, Interest, Mother, New, Sims, UK, Youtube   

    First Blog 


    I’m completely new to this whole blogging thing but I felt it was time for a new hobby and I seem to always fall into the same pattern…

    I look for a new hobby, Start educating myself, Play some Sims then go back to watching Youtube. It’s getting pretty depressing how often this cycle persists. I’ve tried to find things to interest me but I can never find anything interesting enough to actually stick at, and when I do my anxiety kicks in and I back out often never looking back.

    So this is my “New Hobby”. Wish me luck! I’ve always enjoyed writing but I don’t think my opinion is ever really enjoyable to read. Hopefully you feel differently and enjoy reading my babble. I look forward to this new adventure and what it will have in store for me and my Family 💖

  • MothersBlog 3:44 pm on 26th April 2019 Permalink | Reply  

    The Journey Begins 

    Thanks for joining me!

    Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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